This installation is exclusive to GEOTAB customers with GO6 + 7 devices.

Each FleetGuardian® system includes the following:

(1) phone box

(1) cable

(2) NFC tags

(2) Strips of Velcro (hook & loop)

(1) alcohol wipe

(2) Cable ties


  1. Identify area for mounting phone box on dash and clean area with alcohol wipe.  Allow to dry (30 seconds).
  2. Connect the 16-pin connector end of cable into the back of the phone box.
  3. Secure Velcro strips to bottom of phone box near the front and back edges.  Secure adjoining Velcro strips and press the box firmly to dash.
  4. Tuck the cable into the seam of the dashboard and side of door.  Use the supplied cable ties if needed.
  5. Connect the 6-pin connector end of the cable into your Geotab IOX-CAN harness and plug into GO device. (IOX-CAN harness not included)
  6. Tie and secure any extra cable neatly under the dash.  FINISHED.

Turn the vehicle on and confirm power to phone box.  If a tag is in the box, the green light will come on.  If no tag is present, a white light will flash for a few seconds then a red light will come on.